Proton Chain



Proton explained

A platform for smart contracts

Designed for use in consumer and p2p payment applications

Making credit card and bank less payments is the project's main purpose

Who created Proton?

Founded by:

Responsible for the dev. of Dogecoin's initial digital wallet

Marshall Hayner

Glenn Marin

What does Proton do?

Using IDs and financial settlements layers

Users may easily:

Connect their identities and bank accounts

Extract money and acquire crypto

Utilize that crypto simply in applications

Proton's Primary Goal?

KYC-compliant verified identities, Web 3.0 identity verification, Proton-wrapped coins, and other innovations

Infrastructure to bring financial transactions into the 21st century

What Is XPR?

The currency of the proton blockchain

Capable of 4,000 transactions a second

No gas costs for XPR

Easy to use for:


Cryptocurrency swaps,

And other types of transactions

Is There A Proton Wallet?

Stake XPR, collect block rewards, vote for block producers, verify your ID, unlock additional features, exchange crypto, interact with sites and games powered by Proton

Environment Friendly Proton Blockchain

Making it one of the most eco-friendly blockchains around

Processing transactions reduces the blockchain carbon footprint

Palm Leaf

Envisioning a world where all monetary transactions from crypto to banking will take place on their efficient blockchain

The future of Proton

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