What is Rarible about?

Internet marketplace based around NFTs

Allowing creation and trade for producers

Enabling full control for artists over their work

A decentralized network based on Ethereum

The RARI token

First NFT marketplace governance token

Rewarding active platform users

Empowering the Rarible community to influence decisions

RARI economic functions

Token is not available on the market

Then is distributed to buyers and sellers

10% of RARI was airdropped to collectors

Every Sunday coins are mined and distributed

NFT Marketplace

Sell creations

A free market for digital art

Browse offerings

All transactions handled through Ethereum and a connected ETH wallet

Can you create NFTs?

Selling is optional

A lot of art is just displayed as a gallery

Click the "Create" button on the platform

Selling art will have you pay fees but earn you comission

Rarible Royalties

Paying out every single time your work get's traded on

Generating passive income

Set a royalty percentage for secondary sales

How to make a purchase

Link your crypto wallet

Spend ETH to purchase NFT Art

Find your NFT

Submit offers to bargain and auction

NFTs are not like other investments

Should Art be bought on Rarible?

Demand determines the value of NFTs

Many may want to have a specific NFT or nobody

Created by: Alexei Falin and Alexander Salnikov

Little info found on the website

No info on other branches like marketing

The Rarible Team

A genuine solution for establishing NFT trading

Enabling collaboration in the production of digital art

Powered by blockchain technology

Does Rarible seem like a scam?

One flaw is the usage by wash traders

Market manipulation may result in project depreciation

Risks with Rarible

Aiming to become a fully decentralized autonomous organization called:

Management in the hands of each user

Making the platform a public good

Conclusion on Rarible


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