Signature Chain



Signature Chain Explained

Hashing documents

Using private keys to sign and deposit

The blockchain signature cannot be altered

Perfect solution for proof of ownership

What Types Can be Certified?

Providing a way to sign any type of document

The signature will be stored on the blockchain

Signing hashes with private keys

How Does It Work?

Receivers instantaneously verify the legitimacy

No need for expensive manual inspections

3rd-party delivering copies of audited financial statements

SIGN Tokens

A verified asset on

Waves Association DAO has officially certified the SIGN token

SIGN/USDN pair now includes the token on the Waves AMM

The Blockchain SIGN Is On?

The lightning-fast Waves Blockchain

MetaMask-like tool Waves Signer makes SIGN Art mobile-friendly

No gas on the RIDE smart contracts

Is It Eco Friendly?

Implementing Proof-Of-Stake

More environmentally friendly than typical Proof-Of-Work

Signature Chain Summary

No need for users to set up a centralized account

Using smart contracts and keypair accounts

SIGN tokens or SIGN credit is needed for the web application

Makes crypto more beginners friendly

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