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SOTA Finance Explained

Digital content NFT tool

Allows effortless NFT generation and trade across many chains

Earn governance tokens earned by participating in airdrops, trading, and farming NFTs

What Is SOTA Token?

SOTA token serves as the platform's governing currency

Max supply set at 100 million

Special NFT editions, as well as voting proposals for additional functionality

Can You Stake SOTA Tokens?

Pumpkins are exchanged for SOTA tokens

Used as "payment" for NFTs on the "Farm NFT"

Stake100 SOTA for 1 pumpkin every day

How Does It Work?

SOTA tokens farm certain NFTs on the platform for added benefit

NFTs are traded on the secondary market

Platform allows to develop and sell NFTs

How Do NFT Royalties Work?

The anticipated royalties

Defining crucial criteria such as:

How many NFTs will exist

SOTA now limits royalties at 10%

Royalties are proportional to the sales profit

How Does Governance Work?

Governance token for SOTA Finance, SOTA

Holders can cast votes for changes to the platform

Voting itself earns incentives

NFT may be easily created and sold

SOTA Finance Summary

With SOTA NFT producers and collectors may connect on the blockchain

Governance token is also available for voting

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