Spore Explained

Self-declared reflect token developed for DeFi yield

Own the token and receive a fee for all transactions

The Founders

Founded by Duc and Eric Nguyen Spores

They want an NFT platform that works with any chain

Users easily issue NFTs, auction and swap goods and use other DeFi

How Does It Work?

Token value  ncreases as the supply is reduced

The project's vision is based on the community

Spores disperse continues change

Bridge Arbitraging

Deflation of SPORE is aided by this bridge

Transfer SPORE between Avalanche and BSC for a doubled gas fee

Providing fresh prospects for arbitrage

Token Bridging

Connecting two smart- contracts on each chain

Autonomous.js script running on other chains

Tokens are sent to the same 0x address on opposite chains

The Token Reflection

AVAX just reflecting which pushes token migration and BSC token price

AVAX side is accounted, reflection is lost, the price goes up

Encourges continuous bridging

Spore Summary

Reflect token algorithmically produced NFTs

Rewards are burned and dispersed to all holders

First NFT prediction market is the goal

Reap profits each day with little effort

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