srnArt Gallery



srnArt Gallery Explained

A union of NFT artists working together promoting their work

At the core is the $SACT token

Provides the possibility to have NFT Art for free

How Does It Work?

Expensive NFT Art is distributed via staking and farming

Stake SACT on

SACT Tokens

A community token

SACT tokens may be staked to generate NFTs

SISTA Tokens

The goal is to merge NFTs with DeFi

BSC can gain a lot from introducing this token

The SISTA project has a good network and team

Discord Staking

Offering to stake NFTs on Discord to earn SISTA

Implementing BSC

Earn SISTA via role assignments when a wallet is added

Earning SISTA Tokens

Earn SISTA tokens by staking and holding NFTs gained by staking SACT

srnArt Gallery Summary

The NFTs are a result of a close-knit group of artists

The aim is to develop NFTs from idea to launch making expensive artwork available to all

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