SYNC Network



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SYNC Network Explained

Bonds are created on the Layer 2 platform

Interest is paid using NFTs

The SYNC Token

SYNC ERC-20 contract and the CryptoBond ERC-721

Bond investment interacts with SYNC tokens inflationary and deflationary


A whole new class of ERC-721 NFTs

Liquidity is tied to SYNC through Crypto Bonds

Type Of Crypto-Bonds

Periodic bonds enable quarterly payment withdrawals

Simple bonds can only be paid out on contract's end

Simple and periodic NFT bonds are now available

How Does It Work?

A totally trustless ERC-20 token

Trade stakes bonding Uniswap liquidity pairings

Trading Crypto-Bonds

Automated bond market maker or an auction

Allows investors to swap Bonds at market value

SYNC Summary

Decentralized and community-governed

Operating on Ethereum

Two primary smart contracts in the system

Users mine SYNC tokens using the Bond smart contract

Also be able to trade their stakes

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