Unicly Explained

Freely tokenize and trade digital assets

Staking, yield farming, and liquidity mining

Easy to engage in the whole ecosystem

Combining NFTs and DeFi

What Does Unicly Offer?

Easy-to-use NFT creator

Enables NFT building to anyone

An AMM enabled marketplace

Allows traders the best possible pricing

What Are uTokens?

NFT market is backed by uToken

Construct collections, fractionalize NFTs, sell on the marketplace

uTokens support ERC-721 and ERC-1155

How Does It Work?

No bid NFTs are returned

On reaching the supply level, bidders begin claiming part of the collection, called "unclocking"

Choose name and quantity/scarcity

How Does Liquidity Farming  Work?

Staked assets are rewarded with UNIC

AMM approach for liquidity providing of uTokens

The NFT pool is open to anybody

Contributors are rewarded

How The Unicly Exchange Works

Community support for:

Unpermissioned transactions, NFT yield farming, AMM procedures

Unique exchange mixing DeFi and NFTs

How Does Unicly Governance Work?

Complete community ruling

Voting interface included for UNIC token holders

Open and on-chain governance

Community owned smart-contracts

Fractionalization bridges the DeFi and NFT gap

Unicly Conclusion

An important part of this financial transition

Aspects still need developing

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