VIDT Datalink



VIDT Datalink What Is It?

Ensuring data integrity

Ensuring that our digital world works as intended

The Blockchain VIDT Runs On?

Utility token VIDT is a BEP-20 token

ERC-20 token on Ethereum

On Binance Smart Chain

How Does VIDT Datalink Work?

Timestamp a file or create an NFT

Register files and create hashes to store on the blockchain of choice

Transaction is created storing the data onto multiple chains

File Tampering Stop via VIDT?

File modification results in different hash data

Tech is able to identify any file manipulation

What Is The VIDT Token?

Send transactions with hash, timestamp, and wallet addresses

ERC-20 compatible and a total supply of 57M

Payment method on the VIDT network

Real World Use Cases

Transitioning into the actual world

Securing one-of-a-kind assets and items

Digital certifications, diplomas, sensor data

VIDT Datalink Summarized

Up and running and available on all major cloud providers

Customer base will grow with new use cases and more clients

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