VISOR Finance



What is VISOR Finance

Created to solve DeFi liquidity mining issues

Get rewards and incentives by locking tokens!

Interact with the DeFi protocols via your NFTs

How does VISOR work?

Visor has created NFTs to directly interact with decentralized finance

Urbit's Urbit NFTs enable identity managment in a p2p network

Pricing curve reacts dynamically to free market forces

Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool

Allows projects to generate liquidity by changing asset weighting

Liquidity Minting on Visor Finance

First stage: token rewards for diverse DeFi members

Consists of several rounds of liquidity incentives

Whitelist contains addresses from off-chain or on-chain governance services

Liquidity Minting Phase 2

Followed by further phases of Liquidity Minting

Emphasizing liquidity

Using a Visor NFT

VISOR and Gas

NFT minting takes a lot of gas

Some ETH will be made available to get on the whitelist

Visor Bounty Rewards

Listed on their Discord

Payed for by the Gitcoin Platform

Rewards to entice the community to be part of the platform

How To Buy VISR Crypto

On Coinbase, BlockFi, and other exchanges for general cryptos

A group of experienced DeFi veterans

From leading DeFi companies

Established by:

Exploring the future potential of self-reliant finance

VISOR's wallet can be downloaded on the site

Allows storing VISR on your computer

For maximum protection a hardware wallet is recommended

The Visor Wallet

Looking to raise millions for future developments

Aiming to create a liquidity seekers' interface

With request not only based on asset and quantity, but on time, reputation and rates

Final Thoughts on VISOR?

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