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Whale (WHALE) Review

With Whale, a cryptocurrency that has actual and scarce NFT assets as collateral, and a rigidly restricted supply, the NFTs are given physical form to resemble scarcity.

A whale is a digital asset-backed currency that places its value in NFT digital assets, to combine the preservation of wealth with growth speculation, using a portfolio of the rarest NFT digital assets.

What is also true is that, for the super-rich, keeping their money in rare art and hard-to-get collectibles increases the value of their assets. In order to have greater negotiating power, a collectible must usually be older, rarer, and more popular. WHALE is using this concept to create wealth for its token holders.

What Is A WHALE Coin?

The WHALE coin is a tangible and uncommon NFT asset-backed cryptocurrency, which also inculcates scarcity due to restricted availability.

The number of WHALE will only ever be 10 million, each backed by a basket of the rarest and most sought-after NFTs in the business. Approximately 4.0 million WHALE of the entire supply will be set aside for community issuance, with another 1 million WHALE earmarked for the project founders.

How To Earn WHALE Crypto Tokens

To earn the WHALE crypto tokens, one must participate in various WHALE community engagement activities, sell NFTs to the WHALE Vault, and hold events via WHALE partner networks. For a total of 80 months, the WHALE is designated for community issues and is allotted on a timetable of 50,000 WHALE every month.

A monthly budget detailing all WHALE distributions, as well as an individual budget for the individual, will be tracked for the month and supplied to the community for examination on a monthly basis. If there are no other issuance chances available, the remainder of the outstanding amount will be accumulated and utilized at a suitable and opportune moment.

How WHALE Makes Money

Rare NFT Digital Art, Gods Unchained, CryptoMotors (CM), Avastars Sandbox, and Cryptovoxels are some of the rarest NFTs in the WHALE Vault.

The value of WHALE is limited to a single dimension: the WHALE Vault. A bigger priority for the project is to see how the community and WHALE expand, as well as to see the variety of WHALE’s application instances.

A minimum of 4 million WHALE will be set up for community issuance, and a million WHALE will be held for rewarding project founders who successfully build and launch new projects.

All WHALE project income will be immediately spent on acquiring additional valuable NFT-related assets that will increase the value of the project and the community.

WHALE crypto will use its core physical and intangible assets to generate a virtuous cycle of appreciation.


For WHALE, the goal of the WHALE Vault is to provide a valuation floor that sustains steady, continuous growth in the value of WHALE. They have implemented the following measures to guarantee the sustained recognition of the value of whales:

  • Acquire and hold equity in the NFT assets that appreciate.
  • A sale of NFT assets only occurs when they are sold at the best price.
  • Money may be derived from renting out NFT assets.
  • The launching of new sales-generating ventures.
  • Ensuring that all proceeds are reinvested in the WHALE Vault to acquire further NFT assets.

How Governance Works

The WHALE Community and the WHALE Vault will be governed by the WHALE DAO. WHALE token holders are given the ability to use their WHALE to engage in the Hold-2-Play roles that allow them to engage in community, budget, and asset decision-making processes.

Recommendations that might be included in the voting proposals may include:

  • Changes to the allocation of the monthly budget
  • Development of events for the Whale Community.
  • Modifications to previously scheduled WHALE Community activities.
  • Whale Vault NFT sale proposals.
  • NFT assets being bought for the WHALE Vault.

Risks Associated With Investing In WHALE Crypto

The distributors and companies operated by Cetacea should be thoroughly evaluated before purchasing WHALE tokens, as well as any other risks and uncertainties. Any of these risks and uncertainties might materialize into something serious, which might have a substantial impact on Cetacea and/or the Distributor. You may lose all or part of the value of the WHALE tokens if such a loss occurs.


It is worth noting that divisibility is really defined inside NFTs in practice. The claim on that portfolio has more worth than the sum of its parts since someone can not “redeem” 1/100th of all the assets supporting the Vault.

Following the wave of innovative businesses using social currencies to their advantage, I am eager to monitor the new marketplaces that have arisen, including decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to trade social currencies. With all the information available, one thing is certain: I am genuinely eager to watch how this project unfolds.

Further Whale Information

  • whale
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $11.81 M
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