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Wilder World (WILD) – The NFT Augmented Reality Platform Transforming Gaming

Wilder World (WILD) Review

Wilder World is a merger of the video game industry and the 3D-art industry. There are intriguing applications for virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) enabled decentralized gaming technology that can be used in a wide range of industries, including producers and collectors.3D assets that are usable in the game world immediately are added to the ecosystem, allowing them to be traded as NFTs.

What is the WILD Crypto Token?

The token system is based on a proprietary “bonded curve” concept. NFT may be created and fractionally liquidated in smaller units than the sum of the components, which in turn means a broader spectrum of investors and collectors can buy NFT at a lower price point. The Wilder World has elevated the NFT experience by making it possible for everyone to join in.

NFTs from the Wilder World

Frank Wilder, a founding member of the Wilder World team, is a well-known 3D artist. The company is preparing to launch its game-ready, AR/VR-enabled, fully decentralized platform, which will be entirely owned by NFT artists and collectors themselves. It promises to make dealing with virtual assets less troublesome.

How to Play the Wilder World

Created to entice and attract artists and enthusiasts alike, Wilder World is an enticing, multifaceted Metaverse, rich with many application possibilities. Practical usefulness is the only reason to own a digital artwork nowadays, apart from being just a status symbol for crypto-enthusiasts. As part of its game-ready, VR/AR-enabled platform, Wilder World combines its world-class collection of 3D art with cutting-edge virtual reality technology and makes it available to players.

The Wilder World Liquid NFT Market 

The Wilder World platform uses a fractional sales approach that provides access to a broader range of investors and collectors. An open NFT-capable platform (Wilder World) enables assets to be liquidated and rewarded with future sales royalties. The platform is a fantastic place to integrate assets purchased on other NFT platforms, as well as a great place to deploy assets that have been tokenized.

What is the Wilder World Artists Guild?

As one of the NFT social platforms integrated within the Wilder platform, the Artist’s Guild is a one-of-a-kind social network. As a fellow artist, you can find other artists that you can connect with, work on projects to create assets and infrastructure, and communicate in real-time through video and the instant messaging system integrated into the software. Curating your profile on this site does not incur any costs, and significant network benefits are at play.

How to Mint Wilder World NFTs

With Mint Factory, artists may produce their own augmented reality tokens that match the value of a real-world currency. There is a growing trend for stars to improve their exposure by using the substantial internet following that they already have. They can also enhance their sales by providing a smart contract-enabled royalty payout to celebrities. The characters produced via Mint Factory, as well as any characters made on the Wilder World platform, may be utilized in AR/VR games.


The zero protocol has been the foundation around which Wilder World has been developed, allowing the tokenization of 3D NFT art on the VR/AR-enabled platform. Providing a more holistic user experience for artists and collectors alike, it has several levels to provide artists and collectors with a range of uses. A built-in platform such as the Artists Guild or Mint Factory allows for cross-pollination of artists and leads to opportunities to work with and make connections with talented individuals from all over the world.

Further Wilder World Information

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