ZooKeeper (ZOO) – The Decentralized Yield Farming Platform Built On Wanchain

ZooKeeper (ZOO) Review

The ZooKeeper project is a fresh new Wanchain dApp created as a gateway app. The implementation of ZooKeeper greatly enhances the usefulness of NFTs by providing them with a real-world application on their platform. The project’s designers aim to provide a whole new crypto farming experience for you.

What Exactly Is A Zookeeper?

Wanchain has just launched a new Dapp called ZooKeeper. While embracing the current crypto trend of NFTs, the project offers a dual farming experience. The token used by the zookeeper is the $ZOO token, which is given as an incentive to LPs. The gamification of yield farming has turned ZooKeeper into a unique gamified yield farming Dapp with the potential for profit and gaming pleasure.

Who Is The Team Behind ZooKeeper?

ZooKeeper is a team of community members and Wanchain developers working together to build a new zoo in WanSwap.

What Are The Features Of ZooKeeper?

There are many great features that ZooKeeper offers. Below are the main benefits you will receive should you decide to utilize it:

  • Dual Farming-Due to the cooperation with WanSwap, in Zookeeper, the user may farm zoo tokens and wasp tokens (in specified pools). Dual farming, which enables users to choose whether to farm Zoo tokens or Wasp tokens in certain pools, has been launched.
  • NFT Boost Cards-Some users will be able to shorten the lock time and reward time by using Extra NFT Boost cards from ZooKeeper.
  • Increase Rewards Through Lock-up Periods-The longer the length of time selected, the greater the rewards are.
  • ZooKeeper Governance-Users of the ZooKeeper Community will have the ability to vote on new features before they are implemented.
  • Trading NFTs-The NFTs in the market part of the site all have the potential to be utilized or sold.
  • Token Buring-The ZooKeeper team has unveiled a new trading method for its tokens. The business uses several burning mechanisms to control the maximum amount of ZOO tokens in circulation.

What Is Wanchain (WAN)?

Optimizing features of Zookeeper with the Wanchain environment offers the benefits of using the Wanchain ecosystem. Being a low-fee and quick tx network is very important. Because the zookeeper’s transactions are quick, animals can be properly tracked.

How Do ZooKeeper Bonus Chests Work?

ZOO is a virtual goods game that players may purchase with in-game tokens, or they can unlock vaults by purchasing in-game currency. When the user wants to acquire these chests, they may purchase them using ZOO. Alternatively, the user can get these Zoo tokens using ZOO. If a player equips a gold chest, they will always get an NFT. Otherwise, a player has a 1 in 10 chance of receiving one with a silver chest. When a bought chest is utilized, all the tokens spent are burned away.

ZooKeeper Marketplace

All NFT Boost cards for sale are shown on the market. Users have the option to buy the cards using a wide variety of currencies. The asking price is displayed and later, in the “My Safe” area, you will learn how much it is. It doesn’t matter how much you are willing to spend—there is no limit to the amount of money you may pay for a card.

How ZOO Safari Staking Works

By earning $ZOO tokens, members of the community that voted for the coin will be incentivized. Of the created $Zoo tokens, 3% will be saved to purchase the WanimToken that the community voted on. Safari pools make use of a community-voted rewards mechanism. This was in the works from the very beginning, and it’s achievable because of the 3% usage.

How To Get Started

WSLP tokens may now be farmed using a new program called ZooKeeper. It is difficult to be effective at it unless you have a proper wallet. By farming, you’ll be able to begin a productive and pleasant hobby. You may use ZooKeeper to get access to several wallets, including WanMask, WanWallet, and MetaMask. These wallets are compatible with both Windows and mobile devices.

ZooKeeper NFTs

The nature of each ZooKeeper NFT will be unique, and there will be no two alike. Time, speed, and boost percentages are constant at all times. The unique numbers that go with each NFT are known as issue numbers. The characteristics that identify NFTs can not be altered after they are minted. 


The incorporation of dual farming reward pools offered in the ZooKeeper Dapp is ready to go. Make dynamic purchases of dynamically priced chests and claim your stakes in ZOO Tokens. To purchase and sell NFTs on the market, go to the market. ” This second phase, called the “Crafting Phase,” includes a spellbook, card crafting, and a gambling token system. Get on a zookeeper’s “safari” in the pool to enjoy a huge APR return. Overall, this is a very exciting project that has ambitious plans for the future.

Further ZooKeeper Information

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    $3.14 M
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